The Magic Sparkle Of Moonstone Engagement Rings

Published: 14th December 2010
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Faceted gems and diamonds are traditional stones for engagement rings, but moonstone engagement rings offer an element of mystery and romance tangled with a mythology and spiritualism that is far more representational for many couples.

Moonstone is actually a mineral in the feldspar family, a categorization that encompasses over half the rocks on the planet. Moonstone's specific composition is potassium aluminum silicate, and naturally possesses a very light blue hue, though a range of colors are available, including green, peach, gray, pale yellow, brown, or creamy white.

Centuries ago, moonstone was only available in the Middle East and Asian nations, particularly Sri Lanka (where the finest quality stones are mined) and India, but now the popular gem can be found in many other nations. Active moonstone mines are sited in Brazil, Mexico, Tanzania, Madagascar, the European Alps, and the United States.

The magic shimmer of moonstone has shaped many spiritual and mythological relations. The mineral was in fact named because as the gem is moved, the shimmer and color changes, just as the moon changes its shape as it changes position in the sky. In fact, another name for moonstone is selenite, named for Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon.

Different cultures have considered moonstone to be a dream inducing gem, a sign of richness, sensitivity and intuition attractive stone, a talisman for kindness and true love, and a good luck stone. With those associations, it is clear why moonstone rings are the great choice for a couple with a deep spiritual connection.

The most important feature of a moonstone gem is the quality of its cut. Most moonstone jewelry is refined rather than faceted, giving the stone a smooth, luxurious feel rather than the stark angles and surfaces of typical gems. The curvature of the stone is significant to achieve the signature light variations that give the stone its characteristic shimmer. More unique stones may incorporate flaws to produce a cat's eye or starburst structure.

A range of settings are available for moonstone engagement rings, however bezel settings and other smooth, flowing designs are favored because they tribute the nature of the stone. Art deco and vintage settings are primarily suitable for moonstone. The ring may or may not incorporate accent stones, and while diamonds and pearls are common choices, many couples choose likewise unusual stones to accompany the center moonstone.

The key to a dazzling moonstone engagement ring is to not only find a quality stone and complimentary setting, but to wear the ring in all its glory - the feature shimmer can only be seen if the ring is in motion and being shown off. Because of this, it is perfect for women who appreciate fine jewelry and like to wear exclusive rings that match their bizarre and glowing personalities.

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