Mysticism Of Jade Rings And Garnet Engagement Rings

Published: 02nd February 2011
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Jade Rings:

Many cultures have a gemstone that they think to be most precious and, in the case of the Chinese, even heavenly. Jade is more precious than gold in the Chinese culture and it is obvious in how they use it in their daily lives. Everyone seems to want jade, not essentially for its beauty, nor its monetary value, you might be surprised to hear, nor as an investment - but for its health benefits!

In Chinese culture, the stone symbolizes love and virtue. It is also supposed that wearing a jade ring protected a person from evil as he traveled. It is also known to have great healing properties. The Chinese would crush it up and eat it to cure kidney ailments and other internal ailments. The finest way to benefit from the supposed healing abilities, wear it close to the skin like with a jade bangle bracelet.

There was also a belief that it granted immortality or, in the very least, guard the body from decay. The emperor with the suit was an intense case, but most Chinese emperors were buried with an offering of jade. They also thought it was a link to the heavens and would bring good luck, good friendship and good health by wearing it or having a talisman. Figurines engraved out of the green stone are used in the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Though it is not an official birthstone, this amazing green rock is the mystical birthstone for March and for the sun sign Virgo. It is also the gemstone used to commemorate the 12th wedding anniversary. And also can be used as engagement rings.

Jade jewelry often looks best cut into a cabochon to show off the most vibrant color. Because it carves so delightfully, filigreed jade pendants or smooth rounded pendants are common. It may or may not bring you good luck, but it will positively add beauty to your collection.

Garnet Engagement Rings:

When considering purchasing a ring with a gemstone setting, you might consider the exclusive design of the garnet rings. A garnet is a gemstone that has a deep rich red color and is often connected with love and romance. You can use this stone in a setting in place of a traditional diamond, to make an original engagement ring. It can also be set in combination with other gemstones for a Mother's ring.

A garnet gemstone is a fashionable stone that looks good in a variety of different settings. When placed in a sterling silver band, it looks soft and stylish. This design is often enhanced with the placement of additional smaller diamonds along the sides. It can also look great when set in a gold band, which gives the stone a fiery and fanatical personality. The gem itself can be cut as a square cut stone, oval, round or even cushion style.

Garnet is an excellent gemstone for this purpose because it has such deep, vibrant colors to it. This makes it look particularly amazing when set with a light toned precious metal band - something like white gold or sterling silver. Due to its vividly elegant hues and dazzling aesthetic, a garnet ring is one item that will always be appreciated and adored.

Garnet engagement rings aren't exclusively focused on this elegant gemstone, though, the majority of them also include fiery diamonds to accentuate and provide additional value. The contrast between the gleaming shimmer of colorless diamonds and the deep hues of a flawless garnet makes for one piece of jewelry that looks exclusively resplendent.

So don't be one of the groups. Choose something uniquely beautiful for your engagement ring.

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